Fast, Effective Floor Levelling

Having a level floor from the outset is key to achieving a great finish when your new flooring is laid down. This process can also help prolong the useful life of your flooring, saving you money over the longer term on replacement options. It’s always worth considering, then, hiring in floor levelling services if needed before new flooring is installed. In the North West or North Wales, you can call Chester Flooring Services Ltd for advice and assistance.

Floor levelling

Floor Levelling

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Why Floor Levelling Is Important

If the surface on which you are laying a new flooring is out of kilter, it can cause problems over time. Say you are having an inflexible floor covering like laminate planks or ceramic tiles: if there are lumps and bumps in various places on the surface, the planks can pull apart. Tiles can suffer from what’s known as lippage, where the edge of one tile can stand higher than the adjacent one, causing a tripping hazard.

Even with linoleum or more flexible vinyl tiles and flooring, uneven surfaces can cause excess wear in some parts where there are heaves (bumps), which can look unsightly in the longer term. To prevent problems such as this, it’s usually recommended that a bumpy floor is levelled before underlay and flooring is fitted. This is typically done with a levelling compound, such as concrete, which is applied and then spread to the depth needed with a trowel or similar tool.

Expert Services from Chester Flooring

The work required to level a floor can be labour intensive and different techniques and materials may be needed depending on the existing surface and the type of flooring you intend to lay. Why not leave it to the experts? One of our services includes levelling floors in preparation for our professional team of installers to fit new flooring that will stand the test of time.

If you have a question about this or any other of our services, call us today on 01244 818 881. We’re always happy to help and advise.

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"Prompt service and an outstanding job in the corridor and café area of our football clubhouse. We found the workmen sociable and friendly and we will definitely be using Chester Flooring Services again in the future. Highly recommended."

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