Is It Time To Replace Your Commercial Flooring?

Commercial and industrial flooring doesn’t come cheap, that’s true. And replacing flooring is one job that many companies delay on, not eager to commit to the expense and disruption to business that comes with a new floor. But whether you have carpet, laminate or vinyl tiles fitted in your premises, there will come a time when you’ll seriously have to consider replacing the flooring you, your staff and your customers walk on every day. How do you know when it’s come to that point? Here are a few of the typical signs and the perils of delaying.

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Signs It’s Time To Take the Plunge

The first major indicator that a change may be in order is if your flooring is stained and the usual cleaning methods are failing to remove the marks. Even the toughest vinyl tiles will eventually absorb spillages, and even a pool of water on a hardwood floor will stain if it’s left to sit for any length of time.

Of course, you could go on living with these signs of wear and tear, but nothing sends out more negative signals to customers than stained and discoloured surfaces. In some spheres, such as the food and drink industry, visible stains can be off-putting to customers who assume that hygiene levels are not being adhered to, so you could even be losing business.

Bad smells are another sign that you should be looking for new commercial or industrial flooring. Carpet is particularly a culprit here as the fibres can trap spillages and food particles. But even laminates and wood floors can start to collect dust, dirt and other debris in the joins between boards. These are difficult to remove and can release a bad odour over time. Staff who suffer from allergies may even notice an increase in their symptoms – again, this is especially an unfortunate outcome when you have old carpets fitted.

Visual changes or changes in how the floor feels underfoot should prompt you to consider either floor repairs or a complete makeover of your flooring. If your floor surface is becoming uneven, there are wrinkles or it feels harder under foot than it used to, it could be that the underlay has lost its bounce. Other signs of wear and tear include holes or fraying in carpet; or splits or raised areas in laminate boards. These fast become tripping hazards, as well as being unsightly, so for safety’s sake, and to protect your reputation, you should be starting to think beyond floor repairs and consider new flooring instead.

What Flooring To Choose Next?

Once you’ve decided to change your commercial, industrial or even domestic flooring, you’ll find a wealth of options to consider. One type of surface that’s becoming increasingly popular for all applications is LVT flooring such as Karndean. Tough, durable and with anti-slip properties, this has all the style and look of a wood or a stone floor at a fraction of the cost. It’s easy to keep clean and with the right preparation before it’s laid, such as floor levelling and damp proofing where needed, it can last up to 30 years in the right conditions.

If you need help choosing the right flooring in Chester, Cheshire or across North Wales, speak to Chester Flooring Services Ltd. We are professional flooring and carpet fitters with over 35 years of experience in the trade. As well as a host of LVT flooring options, we also measure, supply and install everything from parquet flooring to disabled flooring systems. Contact us today to discuss new flooring for your business.




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