LVT Vinyl Flooring – A Practical Alternative to Real Wood

Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT vinyl flooring is a floor covering that offers all the authenticity of wood or stone flooring but has many practical benefits that give it the edge over these natural materials. If you’re in the North West or North Wales and are interested in finding out more about LVT flooring, Chester Flooring Services Ltd has an impressive selection to show you.

LVT vinyl flooring

LVT Vinyl Flooring

  • Moisture resistant
  • Scratch & stain resistant
  • Soft & warm underfoot
  • Huge choice of styles, colours & designs
  • Easy to install

Style, Durability and Practicality

Not only is LVT vinyl flooring more versatile than wood or stone floors, it even beats laminates and lino, as it’s more aesthetically pleasing, longer lasting and far more durable than those options. You also have an impressive range of choice – there are hundreds of colours, styles and designs to choose from, so there’s sure to be a design that fits in with the decor of any home or office.

In terms of practical benefits, it’s 100% moisture resistant, making it the ideal choice for the busier, messier areas of the home like kitchens or bathrooms. It’s also highly resistant to scratches and stains, so great for busy family homes or in high traffic areas like offices. That also cuts down on maintenance – no need to spend hours polishing, like you would with a wooden floor. All it needs is a quick brush and mop with a gentle detergent to keep it looking as good as new.

Comfort Under Foot

Because it’s made of layered vinyl, it’s cushioned and soft under foot. Its design also helps maintain warmth in the room, as well as offering acoustic properties to cut down on echoing and noise reverberation, no matter where it’s used.

LVT flooring is also very simple to install. It can either be glued down or clicked together quickly and easily. Even if the subfloor isn’t perfect, after just a little minor preparation, LVT flooring can be laid to your satisfaction with no unsightly irregularities.

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