Professional Damp Proofing Services

If damp and moisture is rising up through your concrete floor, screed or substrate, it will damage your floor covering over time, whether that’s wood, vinyl, carpet or any other type. Before you have brand-new flooring installed, it pays to check whether you may need damp proofing to protect the life of your investment. Contact Chester Flooring Services Ltd if you’d like to take advantage of our professional damp proofing services.

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Damp Proofing Services

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Why Damp Can Be a Problem for New Flooring

Damp can be a particular problem if you are laying a new floor over a concrete sub-floor. Concrete is naturally a very porous material. When the humidity in the air above the concrete is greater than the humidity within the concrete and below, the moisture begins to rise up through the surface. When that surface is covered by a floor covering, it can cause damp, mould, and other unsightly patches of discoloration.

Modern flooring isn’t necessarily cheap and no-one wants to have to replace it sooner than they need to. So it’s always worth addressing the problem before any new flooring is laid. And that’s just what we do at Chester Flooring Services Ltd.

First, we will diagnose the problem. Damp can be caused by various issues, including leaking pipes. If so, it’s a matter of stopping the leak and allowing the floor to dry completely before preparing it for new flooring. If the damp is coming up through the ground, though, either because there is no damp proofing or the existing damp course has been breached, remedial work will need to be carried out. This might include applying a damp-proof floor coating or installing a physical damp-proof membrane.

Cost-Effective Damp Proofing Solutions

Give us a call on 01244 818 881 and we’ll arrange to inspect your property to determine the cause of the problem. We’ll then recommend the solution and give you a free quote so you can consider whether you want us to proceed. Having been in the trade for over 35 years now, we have the experience you need to damp proof your property and preserve the life of your flooring.

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