Why LVT Flooring Is the Best Choice For Commercial Flooring

LVT flooring, or Luxury Vinyl Tiles, has fast become the flooring of choice for many commercial and industrial fit-outs. It’s often preferred to hardwood flooring, not just because it’s more affordable than that option, but because it is hard-wearing and versatile. In fact,even homeowners are becoming increasingly switched on to the benefits of these type of vinyl tiles as representing the best value in domestic flooring. There’s no wonder it’s now become the fastest growing segment within the flooring market. But what are the advantages? Here, we’ll run through just a few of them.

LVT vinyl flooring

Why LVT Flooring Stands Out

As noted, it’s more competitively priced than some other high-end floorings, and yet you aren’t sacrificing any of the aesthetic appearance of many of the more expensive options. Technological advancements have meant that luxury vinyl tiles can precisely replicate the look of hardwood, and can even incorporate more complex designs, to mimic parquet flooring, for example.

It has also been created to be highly durable, capable of withstanding even the heaviest levels of foot traffic in retail outlets or busy office environments, for instance. There’s no compromise when it comes to lifespan either. Good quality LVT tiles can reasonably be expected to last for 25 to 30 years if maintained properly.

Additionally, it’s highly flame resistant and can withstand exposure to moisture over the longer term too, which adds to its versatility. Even when used in kitchen and bathroom areas, you can expect it to stand the test of time.

Speaking of use in areas such as bathrooms, LVT offers high levels of grip and slip resistance. That means if you’re looking for an anti-slip flooring to prevent accidents in areas where spills and steam can be an issue, LVT is still a great option.

Maintenance is also a breeze. There are no complicated cleaning solutions required to keep LVT flooring looking at its best. All that’s required is brushing or vacuuming to remove any loose dirt and debris, followed by mopping with a gentle pH neutral soap solution. And because it’s so sturdy, it can withstand a bit of scrubbing if you do come across a hard-to-remove stain without you having to worry about damaging the surface.

One of LVT flooring’s other properties is sound insulation. The multiple layers of vinyl that make up each tile absorb sound, meaning it’s much quieter to walk on than ceramic tiles or hardwood flooring. That cushioning also makes it easier underfoot too if employees are on their feet much of the day, reducing stress on the joints.

Installation and Repair Is Easy Too

Finally, Luxury Vinyl Tiles such as Karndean flooring are quick and easy to lay. Most types are designed to fit together with a click and lock system, making them much less labour intensive to lay than ceramic or hardwood flooring. You may need a degree of floor levelling and damp proofing to ensure the surface you are laying them on is suitable, but that’s true of most types of floor covering. But with LVT, because each tile or plank is separate and they’re sold in packs, floor repairs are simple and affordable if any area does suffer damage in future.

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